Wednesday, June 25, 2014

warranty info

Q. My job is under warranty, what do I need to do?

First check your warranty and see what they will and will not cover!

 Once you have determined that your job will be covered; bring it in to us WITH your original sales receipt or a duplicate copy issued by the seller! You are responsible to provide us this document.

   Once you get here you will be asked to fill out our Warranty SRQ and Repair Contract, or you can find
them on our web site and fill them out in advance. We will assign you a Work Order # once you bring
your unit into our Shop.

   Most Warranties cover to Repair or Replacement Service Labor and parts. However there are some
Services that are Not-Covered. Extras like "RUSH Service", special or Rush Freight, In Home Service,

   Special Follow up, are some of the things that are Not-Covered under the Normal Warranty!

Our Special Services Fee on SRQ is for customers who want special treatment such as calling them to
explain every step of the repair process, or customers that call us many times to check on job progress
and want to speak to the technician or packing their unit for the trip home, or request us to check out
something not covered under warranty, or to research their warranty for them, ETC!

  To provide excellent communication with the least amount of time we have developed our web site
so you can then check on your job online by going to our web site, and clicking
on "Repair status" button, then you click on your work order #. You will see one of the following;
Pending, Progress, Parts or Complete. Complete means that it is ready to pick up. If it says Pending or
Progress please read the notes carefully as there is information regarding the job and you may need to

contact us. We prefer eamil to for questions regarding the Status of your job.

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