Monday, December 22, 2014

Studer line amp boards from the A 80 tape machine from Club Front, the Grateful Dead studio

Leslie 22h into a 122, 2 speed cab

In this video we show peter cleaning out the cab and degreasing the components and soldering new leads onto the horn driver. 

22h to 122 conversion


The supply of Two Speed motors from the original vendor has been exhausted.
We have tooled up to convert single speed type motors into the two speed version.
This gives us the ability to repair any failure of one or two speed motors.

Q:  What is the difference ?   
A:  Single speed motors have the shaft protruding from only one end.  Two speed motors have the shaft coming out of both ends, and mounting holes for all of the required bracketing to mount the slow motor.

Convert your single speed Leslie motor into a two speed type.

What you do: 

Send us your motor assembly complete with all of its mounting brackets pulleys and wiring.

What we do:

We will send you a complete two speed motor assembly.