Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Carlos Reyes and custom violin with
built in boss RV-1 delay
and our own CB-1preamp 

Carlos Reyes custom Electric Violin with CB-1 Pre amp and delay unit.

     Carlos is one of the top Violin around the world and is frequently flying. Tired of bag checks and worried about the safety of his equipment he came up with the idea to put all of his pedals electronics in his violin and contacted us knowing our long history of custom design.  

      We began with the pre-amp our Cb 1, its is designed to sit between the pickups and the output jack and to be “in circuit” at all times. Originally designed by John Cutler for Jerry Garcia, CB1 is a true Hi-Fi wide-band guitar preamp. It buffers the high impedance output of the guitar pickup and provides the low impedance drive necessary to send the signal to the effects pedal with no tone loss. 

the cb1 in action click photo for link to store

   Then the signal goes into the electronics of Boss RV-1.  The electronics are mounted on a removable board cut out of the bottom of the violin. We mounted the pots of the pedal on the top of the violin. we kept the four adjustable parameters and disregarded the on/off function using the wet/dry to control the amount of effect.  The foil around the unit is added to remove any hum. 

the guts of the Boss Rv1
the Boss Rv 1


For more info on the CB1 preamp (and two other preamps CB2  and the Jangletone pre amp) you can go to our Web Store at

CB1 Specs
Frequency response 10Hz to 200K Hz
Output Z = 600 Ohms
Input Z = 500K Ohms
Phase = 0’ Non-Inverting
Power Requirement = 9VDC Duracell MN1604
Current Drain = 5mA
Size in inches = 1" X 1" X 5/8" Tall
Weight = 10 grams
Gain = 1X (Unity)